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As the healthcare industry continues to grow, the services, procedures, and protocol the various auspices of the industry tend to follow seem to be getting exponentially more complex. That is the primary reason why the industry is in dire need of qualified personnel to serve on the frontline of healthcare administration. These personnel ensure that offices and organizations operate efficiently and within the scope of both the ethical and legal requirements the health care industry requires.

What is this degree/program of study about?

While a master’s or bachelor’s degree is commonly required for those seeking advanced, management positions, an associate’s degree in healthcare administration – namely an associate of arts, associate of science, or associate of applied science – is the first step toward gaining entry level administrative opportunities in the healthcare field (

What does it take to earn this degree, and what will it result in for graduates?

Upon admission to an associate in healthcare administration degree program, students will likely study such coursework as concepts in healthcare organizations, medical terminology, project management, healthcare statistics and research and healthcare legal concepts, among other topics. Students working toward completion of an associate degree in healthcare administration may find that the degree serves as a direct benchmark toward completing a bachelor’s degree in the field, although career opportunities – such as office personnel or records managers – do exist for associate’s degree recipients.

Health Administration Associate Degrees Online

Guide to Online Hospital Administration Degrees

Kaplan University Kaplan University offers healthcare administration degrees at the bachelor's and master's level. The bachelor's program teaches students to understand the principles and practices of health care including administration, management, law, economics, and policy. While the master's program offers more in-depth exploration, the MBA in Healthcare management examines healthcare management from a business standpoint.
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Ohio University The Ohio University Master of Health Administration program is a dynamic online learning experience. Founded over 200 years ago, Ohio University features expert faculty members that bring their passion and real-life experience to the classroom. This program will Improve your potential for promotion and advancement and allow you to gain recognition from your employer and colleague.
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Capella University Capella University offers a variety of healthcare management degrees, including a BS in Healthcare Management, MHA in Healthcare Operations, PhD in Healthcare Administration, and Doctor of Health Administration. These programs explore varying degrees of complexity of the following topics: analysis, strategic planning, organizational change, ethics, law, and quality improvement in healthcare.
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Liberty University Liberty University's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Healthcare Management program explores the business side of healthcare management. Courses review the ethical, professional and financial issues related to the field. Graduates earn leadership, management and human resources skills. Students rave at Liberty's Christ-centered environment and work throughout the healthcare system.
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South University The BS in Healthcare Management from South University is designed for working adults who seek a new career. The curriculum prepares you to gain a real-world understanding of the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in a healthcare management setting. The MBA in Healthcare Administration provides a foundation in business with a specialization in healthcare administration.
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Grand Canyon University Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration program teaches students how to create teams as tools for dynamic solutions to healthcare management problems. Courses include human resources, finance and information management, strategic planning, quality growth and control, and marketing. The program includes a capstone project.
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