25 Best Sites for Clinic and Hospital Reviews

With debates over healthcare continuing to rage and the future still up in the air, there is a lot at stake. Whether you are a patient seeking the best service for their healthcare dollars or an actual hospital administrator, it is important to know the facts about the building you are about to set foot into. In the olden days, there used to be only a few ranking systems that made their evaluations, released them, and could leave many questions unanswered. But in the new age, answers come faster and from many different sources.

To help you collect them all and make the best decision, we have gathered the 25 best sites for clinic and hospital reviews. They are authored by everyone from those with decades of experience in ranking to patients fresh from their most recent visit.

Best Professional Sites for Clinic and Hospital Reviews

These sites make hospital and clinic reviews their business.

  1. U.S. News
    They are well-known for their reviews and rankings of colleges and universities, but they also do the same for healthcare providers. With a new list each year, you can check out the latest hospital reviews in many areas and specialties. Be sure not to miss the Honor Roll with more.
  2. Health Grades
    They have reports and ratings for over 750,000 physicians, 5,000 hospitals, and even 181,000 dentists. Named one of the top 50 sites by Time, they also offer tools for business and those looking for medical information. You can simply type in the name or specialty you are looking for in the search engine to begin.
  3. Hospital Ratings
    Anyone with a subscription to Consumer Reports knows that they are a leading source on rating everything from toasters to vehicles. However, they also rate hospitals based on survey responses from millions of patients, plus data on infections and readmissions. Simply click on your state to begin.
  4. Top 100 Hospitals
    This report is generated by Thomson Reuters. They use public data sources to help hospital and health system leaders gain an objective comparison of their performance to similar hospitals and develop a plan to reach for excellence. They also have many sub lists, news, and more on the site.
  5. The Joint Commission
    They offer a Quality Check on healthcare providers by direct communications from measurement companies to compile and measure data. Search for approved organizations by name, zip code, or state. You can also learn more about their standards and certified organizations.
  6. Healthcare Reviews
    This review site has a special section for hospitals and clinics. A standout feature is that medical facilities both inside and outside the United States are featured. You can also use the site to find doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals.
  7. Hospital Soup
    The blog and site are for all things hospital. They also have a search engine where you can find hospitals in your area. They even have a Medical Classifieds section and regular blog updates.
  8. Hospital Center
    They provide independent reporting on hospitals nationwide. In addition to hospital reviews, they also have guides and tips for what to do if you are a patient. You can also check out their most popular hospitals on the homepage.

Best User Review Sites for Clinic and Hospital Reviews

Get reviews and ratings for hospitals, clinics, doctors, etc. from patients and other organizations with the help of the below sites.

  1. Consumer Health Ratings
    They use various sources to rate hospitals, clinics, and more on the site. The ratings directory alone has over 600 entries on it. You can even find ratings for price, directories, health conditions, and more.
  2. Rate MDs
    Visit here for one of the simplest review sites on the web. Simply type in your doctor’s name to begin reading reviews from actual patients. You can also search by specialty.
  3. Patients Like Me
    Get one of the largest social networks just for patients with a visit here. Simply type in what you have to be connected to others with the same. You can also use the site to ask and get answers to questions on which hospitals and clinics are best.
  4. Who is Sick?
    Similar to the above, this is another social network for those who are patients. However, this one is different in that it uses location to connect people. You can also check the discussion forum for hospital reviews.
  5. Rate Your Hospital Stay
    Do just what the title promises with a visit here. Simply type in your information to begin rating your last hospital stay. You can also read the entries of others, search for hospitals, and even get the highest ranked ones on the homepage.
  6. Vitals
    They also feature a ton of patient generated doctor reviews. Type in the name of your doctor to check out the over 500,000 reports in their database. You can also search specialists, surgeons, and children’s doctors.
  7. Vimo
    A simple star ranking system is the draw here. Doctors are ranked by knowledge, availability, punctuality, personal skills, and office staff. They even have an FAQ with tips on how to find the right one.
  8. Rate a Clinic
    If you are interested in finding or ranking clinics that specialize in stem cell treatment, stop here. They have a ranking system all their own and even feature clinics outside the U.S. You can also view the experiences of others and even compare prices.

Best Sites for Specialty Clinic and Hospital Reviews

These sites rank hospitals and clinics in a specific area.

  1. Medicare Hospital Compare
    If you are on Medicare and want reviews for hospitals and clinics, click here. The site is run by the Department of Health and Human Services. You can sort by the medical condition or surgical procedure you need. The site also answers many questions for those on Medicare and even has a downloadable database.
  2. Best Children’s Hospitals
    U.S. News returns again in a hospital ranking system just for children’s hospitals. You can even choose best hospital by specialty such as cancer, diabetes, neurology, and others. They also have an Honor Roll with more.
  3. Cancer Centers Program
    Get a list of hospitals approved by the National Cancer Institute with a visit here. The A through Z listing has entries for hospitals across the country and clicking on each gives you a profile. There are also resources for research programs and clinical trials.
  4. Best Hospitals for Cancer
    Need a map for the best hospitals? Then stop here to get the 1 – 50 rankings on a map. There is also more information on each entry on the left-hand column.
  5. Best Hospitals for Women
    Check out this article from Med News Today on the best hospitals for women. They report that those who have better women’s health and maternity care also report lower mortality/morbidity rates. There are also many other news items in healthcare.
  6. HIV/AIDS Hospitals and Clinics
    The Body is a complete source for those with HIV and/or AIDS. This special section shares clinics across the country that specialize in it. There are also blogs, expert advice, tips for those just diagnosed, and more.
  7. Best Places to Work in Healthcare
    Because happy employees equal happy patients, click here. It is a report from Becker’s Hospital Review on the best employers in healthcare. Three are also other hospital reviews on the site.
  8. Best Hospitals for Nurses
    Want to know how good a hospital is by measuring how good they are to their nurses? Then check out this entry from Scrubs Magazine to see which hospitals made the cut. They include benefits such as vacation days, tuition assistance, and other factors.
  9. Quality Net
    If you need your hospital reviews done in a more academic manner, click here. They provide healthcare quality news, as well as resources and data. Use them to research more on inpatient and outpatient hospitals, along with physician offices and nursing homes.

Be sure to use your own factors when choosing a hospital that may or may not be featured in the above 25 best sites for clinic and hospital reviews. Items such as insurance accepted, wait times, cleanliness, and more can all mean different things to different people.