Healthcare-Associated Infections 101

As a hospital administrator, you might be tasked with writing safety procedures and managing projects to keep your institution as clean an environment as possible. In trying to maintain these high standards, you might also run into the often-discussed issue of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Here’s the rundown on what HAIs are and why they matter […]

Why Women’s Healthcare Matters for Hospital Administrators

As a healthcare administrator or public health professional, your work will likely involve considerations of gender in healthcare. It goes without saying that some aspects of providing healthcare are different between women and men. Truly understanding these differences and how they matter in the institutions you work for is critical to your ability to support […]

The U.S. Healthcare System Compared to Other Countries

As a future hospital administrator reading this blog, you may be focused on navigating the American healthcare system. The U.S. might be your main site for work in the future, and, as such, you want to make sure you understand how its healthcare system functions. Sometimes, however, one has to take a step back in […]

What Administrators Need to Know About Technology in Healthcare

Technology and information science has been one of America’s most dominant industries for years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the sector would add over 480,000 new jobs between 2014 and 2024. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that technology is also causing major waves of change within hospitals and other healthcare institutions. […]

What Administrators Need to Know about Mental Healthcare

Many health institutions focus primarily on physical healthcare — and of course there are many diseases with predominantly physical symptoms for which people need care. However, there is also a whole set of illnesses that have much more to do with the mind than the physical body. As a healthcare administrator you’ll be expected to […]

Vaccinations 101 for Healthcare Administrators

Vaccines show up in the news from time to time — reminders to get them, concerns about their safety, questions about who should be first in line at the clinic. Healthcare administrators are likely to work in hospitals or other managed care facilities where staying up-to-date on vaccinations is a must. Here’s the 101 on […]

Elder Care and Hospital Administration

Americans are getting older—disproportionately that is. Baby boomers (born after WWII) make up a big percentage of the U.S. age range, and they are set to retire.  That’s going to create a pretty big need for healthcare services in the coming years, as those retirees age and develop geriatric health needs. In 2004, it was […]

Socioeconomic Background and Health

In a fair world, who you are or how you grew up wouldn’t impact your ultimate health outcomes. But unfortunately that’s not the reality. There are actually several demographic factors that are associated with how healthy you are and how long you live. And much of the time, patients don’t really have control over them. […]

5 Ways the Environment Can Impact Patient Health

As a healthcare professional, especially if you work in hospitals, you’ll see doctors and nurses mainly dealing with the acute issues at hand, but what about the reason your patients are coming into your institution in the first place? You might not be surprised to hear that health is about much more than the presentation […]

How to Rock the Interview for Your First Job in Healthcare Administration

Maybe you’re still in school for healthcare administration and looking for a part-time job or internship to help pay tuition. Or perhaps you’ve just finished your program and you’re looking for that initial job out of school. You’ve found a position that looks like a great fit, and you’ve heard back that you have an […]