10 Bookmarkable Sites For Healthcare Admin Students & Professionals

Healthcare administrators must stay abreast of the latest developments in their field due to the ever-changing nature of healthcare regulations and procedures. Luckily there are a multitude of excellent sites that help both students and professionals alike keep up with the latest advances in the industry.

How Clean is Your Hospital? 15 Eye-Opening Facts

Hospital-acquired infections, also known as “noscomial” infections, have been recognized as a critical problem affecting the quality of healthcare and a principal source of adverse healthcare outcomes. Among all of the major complications that occur during hospitalization, nosocomial infections account for more than 50 percent. Until 2006, hospital administrations were not transparent about their infections, […]

25 Best Sites for Clinic and Hospital Reviews

With debates over healthcare continuing to rage and the future still up in the air, there is a lot at stake. Whether you are a patient seeking the best service for their healthcare dollars or an actual hospital administrator, it is important to know the facts about the building you are about to set foot […]

Top 50 Blog Posts on Parenting Teens

If some other parent ever told you that age two was the worst a kid could do, you know what lie that is when they hit the teen years. Hormones, independence, peer pressure, stress, and so much more can turn any freckled-faced kid into a moody, defiant young adult. Because your teen years may be […]