Bachelor Degrees in Healthcare Administration

Today’s successful healthcare administrators are able to marry a strong understanding of the current economic climate as it relates to the healthcare industry with a positive outlook on managed care and patient comfort. Just as important however, they are able to guide an organization into putting those joint concepts into action at hospitals, medical offices, outpatient centers, or other care facilities.

What is this degree/program of study about?

One common bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration is the bachelor of science in health services administration. Such a degree aims to provide future (or present) healthcare managers with the background needed to make informed leadership decisions, while guiding a staff to properly balance the needs of patience with the business requirements a particular hospital, doctor’s office, or other medical agency needs to continue to operate effectively.

What does it take to earn this degree, and what will it result in for graduates?

There is generally no direct prerequisite for those seeking entrance into such a bachelor’s degree program; once admitted students will enjoy such course offerings as healthcare ethics, health systems administration, healthcare law, and healthcare policy. Simultaneously, students – who will graduate prime for administrative or leadership careers that pay, generally, a median annual salary of nearly $80,000 ( – will study such business-oriented coursework as financial management, marketing, and human resources.

Health Administration Bachelor Degrees Online