Top 50 Blog Posts on Parenting Teens

If some other parent ever told you that age two was the worst a kid could do, you know what lie that is when they hit the teen years. Hormones, independence, peer pressure, stress, and so much more can turn any freckled-faced kid into a moody, defiant young adult. Because your teen years may be far behind, it may be difficult to remember or even understand the experience both parent and child are about to enter.

As with all things: “there’s an app for that.” Or in this case a blog. Actually several. To keep the internet from being as frustrating an experience as parenting a teen, we have gathered the top 50 blog posts on parenting teens. Just a drop in the bucket of the quality advice out there, give them a read to see parenting and teenagers in a whole new light.

Top Bullying Blog Posts on Parenting Teens

With bullying constantly making headlines, check out these blog posts to help parent your teens through it.

    1. The Perils of Parenting
    No matter how excellent a parent you are, you can’t be with your kids everywhere. In this blog entry from MSNBC, parents are given a behind the scenes look at what kids actually do when they think no one else is watching. Grab your own kids to see what to do when other kids are being bullied.

    2. 3 Keys to Developing Children’s Empathy
    Because empathy is the ability to identify with someone else’s situation, it is important for teens to learn to avoid becoming bullies. Kathy Slattengren of Priceless Parenting shares three steps on how to do it. They include being an example, demonstrating, and discussing other perspectives.

    3. Bullying of Overweight Teens
    The Parents’ Universal Resource Experts chime in on how and why overweight teens find themselves the subject of bullying. The articles include many interesting links. There are also videos on weight and bias from Yale University.

    4. What Parents Can do About Teen Bullying
    See how you can be the greatest tool to fight teen bullying in this blog post. Supercamp Blog reports on recent bully cases in the news, as well as a few tips. The Home Court Advantage method is discussed.

    5. What Bullying Looks Like Age by Age
    Dr. Michele Borba is a child expert and educational consultant. In her Parenting 101 section, she writes about issues and how to solve them. This blog entry discusses the five types of bullies and even the process by stages and ages.

    6. Teen Bullying
    Teen Help chimes in with a few pointers on bullying. Signs are given for teens who may be being bullied or who might be bullies themselves. There are also other resources for parents on the site.

    7. Teen Bullying
    Evelyn Block is the LA Parenting Teen Examiner. In this blog entry she speaks about teen suicide as a result of bullying. Methods of bullying and thoughts are shared.

    8. Parents and Teachers
    Visit to read this article on how parents and teachers can partner against bullying. A warning to parents on how bullying isn’t what it used to be is issued. There are also tips for talking with your teen’s teachers.

Top Science Blog Posts on Parenting Teens

There is a science behind teenagers as shown in these blog posts.

    9. Biological Basis for Teenage Mood Swings Found
    A new study reveals that teenage mood swings may be explained by biological changes in the adolescent brain. Discussed on by Medical News Today, they report on a scientist who studied a neurotransmitter in the teen brain. After a read of this article, your teen’s next mood swing might be easier to understand.

    10. The Truth About Teen Angst
    More than a Molly Ringwald movie, there might be an actual science to teen angst. As reported on by “The Independent,” teens are more likely to be in a better mood in the afternoon. Read to learn more about the biological predisposition that makes it so.

    11. More Texting = More Problems
    Did you know that teens that text frequently are more likely to drink, do drugs, and have sex? A study by Case Western Reserve University found that 20 percent of students were dubbed hyper-texters, meaning they text over 120 times per day. These students were 40 percent more likely to have smoked, twice as likely to try alcohol, and 3.5 times more likely to have had sex.

    12. Parenting on Alcohol
    According to Brigham Young University, parenting style affects teens when it comes to heavy drinking. One of the findings showed that teens that were the least prone to heavy drinking were those whose parents scored high on accountability and warmth. The full article from Science Daily has much more.

    13. Why is Your Teen so Tired?
    The experts at the Mayo Clinic take a crack at why teens get tired. Learn why teens can sleep so late, yet hate getting up in the morning. The site also has loads more on teen health.

    14. Why Teens Don’t Care
    If your teen’s favorite word is “whatever,” this is the blog entry for you. The area of the brain associated with higher-level thinking, empathy, and guilt is underused by teenagers, reports this study. The blog also has loads of other related stories.

    15. Teen Pregnancy
    Quite possibly the stuff a teen’s parent’s nightmares are made of, this study pertains to teen pregnancy rates. Reported on by the CDC, it shows the teenage birthrates for 15-19 year olds by state. Click to see if your state is one of the highest and what can affect teen pregnancy rates.

    16. My Kid Wouldn’t Do That
    The gap between parental perception and reality are examined in this blog entry. A new study from North Carolina State University shows that many parents think that their children aren’t interested in sex – but that everyone else’s kids are.

Top Dad Blog Posts on Parenting Teens

Get advice on parenting teens for dads from dads on these blogs.

    17. Why Kids Need Dads Too
    If mom does all the parenting, have dad stop by to check out this blog entry on why he should rethink his role. Dave is a single dad who fears that the role of father is disappearing. He also expresses empathy toward the single mother.

    18. The Talk
    Every parent dreads having The Talk with their kids, but dives right into it. How to discuss with different ages makes for a good read. The site also has tons of other resources for dads who are divorced, single, or married.

    19. Declaring Recess From Screen Time
    Geek Dad is a popular blogger over at He specializes in projects for geeks and their kids to do together. In this particular entry, he shares why technology isn’t always a good thing.

    20. Don’t Pick Fight With Ex
    If your teen has started dating, chances are they have or will soon have an ex. In this entry from Ask the Dad, Bob delves into how a parent should treat the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend of a teen. There are also tons of dad-driven answers to your parenting questions.

    21. 12 Prom Tips for Dads
    Joe Kelly is a father and speaker on parenting healthy daughters. In this blog entry, he takes on the dreaded prom and how families can make the most out of them. Twelve tips are on everything from detective work to saying “no.”

    22. Dad Math
    This father loves his two daughters enough to sit and do math with them. In his popular blog, he shares them with all parents. With over 5,000 to choose from, there is something for everyone.

    23. Single Parent Life
    David Mott is a divorced single father of teenagers offering stories, tips and opinions on divorce, single parenting, and co-parenting with an ex. In one of his favorite entries, he shares stories, tips, and advice for the single parent. The blog is also full of loads of other posts for dad.

    24. Dictionary for Dads
    Get a guide to the land of the confusing teen by reading this blog entry. Taking on teenagers, they discuss the issues to common teen parenting problems. There are also resources for many other parenting items.

Top Finance Blog Posts on Parenting Teens

With both the ability to earn and spend it, money management is an important lesson for teens and is discussed further in these blogs.

    25. 10 Tips to Raising Money Savvy Teens
    Bankrate is one of the highest rated places for finance information for families. This particular blogger discusses the lack of education teens have when it comes to money and responds with ten lessons parents can teach at home. Quick tip: be prepared for the kids to see the checkbook.

    26. 23 Ways for Teens to Make Money
    Christian PF specializes in personal finance with a Biblical perspective. In this blog entry, they come up with over 20 ways for teens to earn some money of their own. Also a good choice for adults who need a little more money.

    27. Teach Your Teens to be Money Smart
    Denise Witmer is the parenting teen guide at Her blog entry gives loads of links to items such as a quiz for money smart teens and setting goals. There are also loads of other posts on parenting teens.

    28. Teens and Money
    Get an in-depth lesson for teens and money by clicking here. Five downloadable chapters teach money management, buying a vehicle, and more. You can also listen to it as a podcast.

    29. Ways for Teens to Make Money
    If your teen is bugging you to buy something overpriced, check out this article. It shares practical ways for teens to make money. Includes both classic and modern ways to do so.

    30. Teaching Children and Teens About Money
    This article discusses the different degrees of knowledge and responsibility a child or teenager can have regarding money. Lessons are shared for children from ages five to teens. There are also worksheets and lesson plans included.

    31. Teens Make $$
    If your teen is ready to make some money themselves but doesn’t know how, visit here. The blog has loads of ways and links for teens to make their own money. There are also tips for freebies, contests, and much more.

    32. Investing
    With all the economy talk on the news, teens can be easily confused. To keep them from becoming confused adults, visit Essortment and their blog entry on teaching teens about investing money. The advantages of investing young are discussed.

    33. How to Manage a Savings Account
    A savings account can be a wonderful way to teach teens about money. Michelle Knudson gives tips for teens and parents on how to do so. Five simple steps are shared.

    34. First Time Car Buying
    One of the biggest purchases a teen and his/her parents will ever make, buying that first car can be trying for everyone. This blog entry from CarBuyingTips shares advice for both and even a few for safe teen driving. There are also tips on loans and how to avoid scams.

Top Audio/Video Blog Posts on Parenting Teens

Listen to or watch these posts on how to parent teens.

    35. 2 Minute Tips for Parenting
    Sue Blaney has published several books on parenting teens. In this series of podcasts, she gives quick tips on the same. Choose from loads of different episodes on topics such as sports, school, and more.

    36. 25 Day Family Video Makeover
    Radical Parenting stands out for their blogs/ videos in that it is parenting advice as written by kids. In this entry, Vanessa puts together 25 days worth of challenges to help families reconnect. Be sure and check out the rest the site has to offer.

    37. Easing Back to School Stress
    Back to school time can be hard for everyone. In this podcast from Parenting my Teen, the bloggers discuss when to meet teachers, communication, setting routines, and activities. There are also over 50 other episodes to choose from.

    38. Contributing Factors
    Parenting Today’s Teens is a podcast from Mark Gregston. He is the founder of Heartlight Ministries, which is a counseling program for struggling teens. In this episode, he discusses the reasons why teens make bad decisions.

    39. Teen Depression
    Mom Talk Radio is a podcast for mothers of all children. Host Maria Bailey discusses many important topics of the day. Scroll down to get an episode with Dr. Berlinger on depression and teens.

    40. Pedia Cast
    Dr. Mike is a pediatrician and popular podcaster. This episode covers many safety issues for parents including school lunches and vaccines. The doctor also weighs in on teen smoking.

    41. Adulescene
    Not a typo, this is Kelly Nault-Matzen’s way of describing the time when children become adults, aka the teen years. In this episode, she discusses whether or not children are being prepared for the real world. Five segments are offered.

    42. The Psychology of Parenting Teens
    Dr. Jason Wittman is a professional counselor and life coach. With several videos on YouTube to choose from, you can get tips for just about every teen parenting topic imaginable.

Top Random Blog Posts on Parenting Teens

These teen parenting blog posts stand out on their own.

    43. Four Things That Matter Most in Parenting
    Kathy returns in this guide for all parents, including those of teens. Four simple sayings outline the most important aspects in the child-parent relationship. Forgiveness and gratitude are part of it all.

    44. 4 Tips for Single Moms to Raise Happy Kids
    Get tips specifically for the single parent in this blog entry. Loving Your Child features loads of blogs for parents that are full of useful advice. Kim Patrick discusses why giving kids boundaries is important.

    45. Staying Safe in a Digital World
    Just as in the real world, teens may not be fully aware of the dangers that the digital world offers. Check out Common Sense Media to get tips on how families can stay safe. With over 50 percent of teens giving out personal information to someone they don’t know, it is worth a read.

    46. Turning 18
    They may legally be adults at 18, but they’re still teenagers. This article is an excellent read for parents to know what the ramifications of legal adulthood. Also a good choice to scare teens straight.

    47. Checking Out as a Parent
    All parents do it to some degree some of the time, so have a look at this blog entry from Stephanie Romero. How to recognize it and deal with it are shared. She also has more entries on related issues.

    48. Helping Your Teen Succeed in School
    Every parent wants their child to succeed in school and this is a good place to start. Sandra Dupont gives tips for parents of teens on how to get involved in their child’s education. Various obstacles to success are also featured.

    49. Teen Drinking and Driving
    Dr. Borba returns to warn parents on the dangers. As featured on Dateline, she poses a hypothetical question parents should share with teens. Strategies that could save your teen’s life are a must read.

    50. If You Suspect Your Child is on Drugs
    Go beyond the “dark eye circles” myth and learn how a teen on drugs can truly act. Dr. Phil not only weighs in with the warning signs but also gives pre-emptive tips. There are loads of other resources for parents of teens on the site.

If you suspect your teen may be suffering from a severe physical or emotional condition, consult a licensed physician before following any of the advice read on the above top 50 blog posts on parenting teens.