What You Need to Know About Teaching Healthcare Administration

Working as an office administrator can be a rewarding career within the field of hospital administration, but some students find themselves more interested in teaching instead. If that describes you, then look no further than this guide to get you started on your journey.

Where can you teach?

The most obvious places that healthcare administrators can teach are colleges and universities. While tenure-track jobs are increasingly hard to come by these days, the number of adjunct faculty positions continues to grow. This includes positions at community colleges as well as four-year degree granting institutions.

But don’t forget the less-formal ways to become a teacher of healthcare administration. Hospitals, government institutions, and companies may all need to hire consultants and instructors from time to time to work with their existing administrative staff on building new skills, setting long-term goals, and knowing where to look for new opportunities within the market.

While such a position might seem a long-haul from where you are looking to go as a teacher, they can be excellent ways to get experience in the field that will make you more attractive later on to educational institutions.

What skills are important for teachers?

It goes without saying that in order to teach healthcare administration, you should first be sure to excel obtaining a degree in the field. This can mean a traditional degree with the title of “healthcare administration,” “hospital administration,” or “public health.” But it could also mean a healthcare practitioner such as a nurse or doctor getting an additional degree in business or a master’s in public administration. Fortunately, there are many pathways to gaining qualifications as an instructor.

Many programs focus on book learning, tests, and written responses, but as someone interested in teaching, you will need to also cultivate skills in oral communications and explaining big topics concisely. If possible, try to volunteer as an instructor or mentor in some capacity while you are still in school, so you can get a feel for what teaching feels like, and what skills you need to brush up on the most.

Where can I find teaching jobs?

Searching for a teaching position in healthcare administration is in some ways like searching for any other job. Above all, remember that anyone could become the key to your next opportunity.

You can use resources such as Indeed.com to look for open positions at the variety of institutions discussed above. If you have a specific hospital or other institution in mind where you would like to teach, then you can also go directly to that organization’s website to learn about new openings.

But even more helpful is knowing people who can help you get a foot in the door. Networking with everyone you meet in the field through courses, internships, and existing connections is just as important as scanning job boards for the latest listings. Do your best to stay engaged with your colleagues and at work, so that you have strong recommendations when it does come time to go looking.

Once you have an interview for the job, make sure that you prepare appropriately to show off your best side. Teachers in particular have to come across as confident, knowledgeable in their area of expertise and able to convey complex information as easily digestible lessons.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to attaining your dream job in teaching healthcare administration!