Guide to Online Hospital Administration Degrees

Hospital Administration requires an individual to have communication, planning, organization, and problem-solving skills as well as a thorough understanding of the healthcare system and several of it processes. The schools listed below offer online programs that take a hands-on approach to developing these skills as you work towards your career goals in hospital administration.

Kaplan University Kaplan University offers healthcare administration degrees at the bachelor's and master's level. The bachelor's program teaches students to understand the principles and practices of health care including administration, management, law, economics, and policy. While the master's program offers more in-depth exploration, the MBA in Healthcare management examines healthcare management from a business standpoint.
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Ashford University Ashford University offers students a variety of programs in healthcare administration. The bachelor's degree explores management, finance, and human resources. The Master's program includes study of policy, technology, and quality improvement. Finally, the MBA in Healthcare Management looks at the business aspects of the field.
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Ohio University The Ohio University Master of Health Administration program is a dynamic online learning experience. Founded over 200 years ago, Ohio University features expert faculty members that bring their passion and real-life experience to the classroom. This program will Improve your potential for promotion and advancement and allow you to gain recognition from your employer and colleague.
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Liberty University Liberty University's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Healthcare Management program explores the business side of healthcare management. Courses review the ethical, professional and financial issues related to the field. Graduates earn leadership, management and human resources skills. Students rave at Liberty's Christ-centered environment and work throughout the healthcare system.
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Grand Canyon University Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration program teaches students how to create teams as tools for dynamic solutions to healthcare management problems. Courses include human resources, finance and information management, strategic planning, quality growth and control, and marketing. The program includes a capstone project.
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What degrees can start a career in Hospital Administration?

The most commonly pursued degrees for this career is a master of healthcare administration or management. However, public health programs and degrees at the bachelor level can lay the groundwork for several positions. Find out more about each degree below:

Hospital administration school rankings?

There are no official rankings for hospital administration schools. Some hospital administration programs have better job placement aide than others, which is something that’s helpful for students looking to start their career. Other schools are also helpful when it comes to setting up internships. Some require internships with hospitals or clinics for a student to complete their degree, so it is smart to look for a program that will help you land these opportunities.

The most important thing when finding a school for hospital administration is to make sure the school is accredited by a national or regional organization. This makes your degree valid in the eyes of the medical community.

Can I transfer hospital administration school credits?

In most cases, hospital administration credits are transferrable between schools that are accredited by the same organization. Online programs for hospital administration can continue no matter where you are in the world, so there’s no reason for you to transfer schools because you are moving. This is a plus side to online hospital administration degree programs.

Once you are further along in your studies, hospital administration credits are less likely to transfer, so it’s important to make the transition when you are in the first half of your degree and studies focus on basic courses. Speak with a school advisor when considering transferring since it may be beneficial to stick to one hospital administration program versus losing credits because you want to move schools.

What sorts of careers are common for students with this degree?

  • Clinics – Though the title is hospital administrator, those building their experience may start working in the administration department of a clinic to see that everything runs accordingly.
  • Nursing homes – Many nursing homes employ those with experience in hospital administration. Nursing homes often employ medical staff and need someone to run the home to see that patients are adequately cared for and a warm environment is created.
  • Private practices – Large private medical practices have a need for someone with a background in hospital administration since they are usually handling many clients at one time. This position is almost like working as a formal hospital administrator, though on a smaller scale.

How to become a hospital administrator

Becoming a hospital administrator is a big task. You must display leadership skills, know how to work under pressure and be comfortable with righting wrongs. While it’s the job of doctors and nurses at the hospital to maintain the health of patients, it’s your job to maintain the hospital, seeing that everything runs smoothly and both staff and patients are happy with their experience.

Upon finishing up your degree in hospital administration, you may take on an internship or residency with a hospital in the area to shadow a hospital administrator and assist with daily tasks. This will give you a taste of what it’s like to be on the job and the type of people you will encounter. After this, you will work to find a job as a hospital administrator. Since not all cities have a bevy of hospitals, you may end up relocating should you find a position that’s right for you.

What are the average salaries of a person with this degree?

  • General Hospitals – Hospital administrators working at a clinic earn an average of $102,040 per year. This can be more or less depending on the size of the clinic and the funding behind it.
  • Nursing Care Facilities – Pay varies greatly for hospital administrators working at nursing homes. It depends on the size of the facility, the cost to patients and the city and area in which the home is located. The average pay for a hospital administrator working in a nursing home is $80,750.
  • Physicians’ Offices – Average pay for administrators and managers working in physicians’ offices is $93,770

All of the above salary data is as of May, 2011, and was gathered by The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hospital administration scholarships and grants

In addition to FAFSA and the Pell Grant, there are many opportunities for students studying hospital administration to benefit from scholarships and grants.

ACMPE Scholarship Fund Program This scholarship awards $1000 to a number of students studying hospital administration each year and there are a limited number of $5000 scholarships available as well. The due date is May 1st of each year and funds the following school year’s expenses. The ACMPE sends funds directly to the student’s school. You can apply for the ACMPE scholarship here.

Health Research & Educational Trust of New Jersey Scholarship
This scholarship is aimed at students studying healthcare administration and gives preference to minorities and female students. Students must be a resident of New Jersey in order to qualify. Scholarships in the sum of $2,000. There must also be proof that the student sought financial aide via FAFSA the previous school year. To read the rules of the HRETNJ scholarship, visit this site and see the application here. Applications are due on July 30th and fund the next school year.

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